Buy metals from Iran

Iran has big and rich metals mines. export of Zinc, Copper, Aluminum, Tin, Brass and steel is one of main exported goods of Iran. IranMetalsMarket (IMM) present any types of metals of Iran.

Ingot, Slab and Billet

supplying slab, billet and ingot of zinc, aluminum, copper, steel from reliable metal producers in Iran and shipping them to any where at the best price

Metals shapes

sales different shapes of aluminum , copper and steel like round bar , rectangle bar, square bar, hex bar, sheet and plate, pipe, foil, tube

Metals Powder, Oxide and sulfur

sales powder, Oxide, sulfate of zinc, copper and aluminum


import from Iran

Iran is a producer of various metals such as zinc, lead, aluminum, steel, copper, etc. Production of ingots, slabs, cathodes and other metal sections and all kinds of sheets, pipes and rods is done by Read more…

Export to Iran

Export to IranIran Metal Market (IMM) is your consultant and partner to enter the Iranian metals market and start exporting to Iran. Iran has a variety of mines in the fields of lead and zinc, Read more…

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