IranMetalsMarket (IMM) offers a variety of ingots and metal shapes in Iran. This collection has been able to establish an extensive sales network throughout Iran. We are an online sales platform for all types of metal shapes in Iran and we sell all kinds of metals such as zinc, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, alloy steel, brass, bronze, tin and nickel.
Our internet activity started in 2018, but our presence in the Iranian metals market reaches more than 20 years. There are 100 people working in the Iranian metals market complex to be able to provide appropriate services to customers.
Most of our products are supplied by domestic manufacturers. Some of these companies include Mobarakeh Steel, Oxin Company, Bahonar Copper, Iran Aluminum and Southern Aluminum and the National Iranian Lead and Zinc Company, etc.

We sell all kinds of sheets, rods, pipes and tubes with different alloys. At present, more than 700 types of metal shapes are sold by the IranMetalsMarket.
We supply all kinds of metal shapes of stainless steel and aluminum, copper and other types of metals from reputable foreign manufacturers and sell them in the Iranian market.
Exporting all kinds of sheets and ingots to different countries is another area of our activity. We have exported all kinds of ingots and metal sections to different countries such as Turkey, China, Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan. Export of zinc ingots, aluminum ingots, copper cathodes, lead ingots and various types of copper and brass sections is done by this group.

Our motto:

Your sustainable and successful business is the key to our prosperity

Our mission:

providing expert advice along with online shopping and an extensive distribution network to Present the best metals at the best time and in the best place.

Our Exporting activity
Our extensive experience in the Iranian metals market has made us have many customers from different countries during these years. Large inventory of ingots and metal sections has allowed us to offer competitive prices to our customers. All goods have specialized specifications and have the necessary standards. You can buy on-site inspection by your reputable inspection companies. To inquire about the price or other Information, proceed through the communication channels on the contact us page.

Our Importing activity
We are represented in major cities of Iran and have many customers throughout Iran. We also work with many reputable manufacturing companies in Iran. To meet the needs of the market in recent years, we import and sell stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloy steel and other metals.
If you want to sell your products and goods in the Iranian metals market, contact us. Our partners are ready to provide specialized information and advice in your areas of interest.

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